“You can’t pigeonhole underwater photographer Ron Watkins. His portfolio is emblematic of that. More than just one technique, type of subject, or destination, Ron’s work is a veritable highlight reel of the underwater photographer’s wish list.

And then there is the fact that Ron is much more than an image maker: He is also an image teacher. It’s a rare thing to find a photographer who gets as much of a rush from nailing a shot as teaching someone else how to do the same.“

~ Joseph Tepper, DivePhotoGuide Editor

About Me

As a photographer, I strive to capture rare encounters and unique behaviors in a style that conveys the intensity, rawness and beauty of nature in diverse and sometimes extreme environments. I am constantly challenging myself to photograph in a fresh new way by experimenting with different equipment, creative natural and artificial lighting, exposure techniques, and new styles. I try to create images that can tell a story on their own, or emphasize a point as part of a written publication or presentation.

Rons Dad Diving

My goal is to capture people’s attention and educate them about an unfamiliar species, the important role a species plays, the challenges that it may be facing or raise awareness of the fragile ecosystems that all life depends on for their very existence in hopes of promoting conservation. I also enjoy sharing with others my knowledge of underwater photography techniques through practical hands-on interactive private and group photography workshops and trips.

My passion and respect for the underwater world was first ignited at the age of 15 when my father Charles Watkins gave me the most incredible gift. He taught me how to scuba dive and I took my first breath underwater! When I am underwater, I feel like I am not just close to nature, but I am part of nature. I have very fond memories of our time together on, in and around the water, but when a medical issue forced him to stop diving, I took up underwater photography as a way to share my adventures with him and preserve our bond.

Awards and Publications

I have been very fortunate to be recognized for my photography over the years and most recently have won awards in the prestigious Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice International Awards, Underwater Photographer of the Year, Our World Underwater, World Shootout with Team USA, Ocean Art, The Digital Shootout, Beneath the Sea, Festisub Neuchâtel, SharkCon and ADEX Voice of the Ocean. My imagery and stories have been featured in print and online publications including Ocean Geographic, Alert Diver, Scuba Diving, Scuba Diver Life, Scuba Diver Ocean Planet, Underwater Photography Guide, DivePhotoGuide, Unterwasser and Scuba magazine in the UK. You may also find some of my work displayed by non-profit organizations, national aquariums, science centers, libraries, schools, businesses, as well as private collections.


Volunteer Shark Ambassador for community events, classroom presentations, Skype lessons, Google Hangouts and workshops. Sharks4Kids is creating the next generation of shark advocates through education, outreach and adventure. They have reached over 105,000 students through in person presentations or via Skype in 49 States and 47 countries.

Photo Professional Affiliate, trip leader, gear reviewer and workshop Instructor with Backscatter Underwater Video & Photo.

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